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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 4, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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41 in san carlos and mountain view and san francisco. we will call today chilled sunshine as temperatures are well below average 48 to 53 degrees is all we get today cool we than year. now the morning commute. sue? >> good morning, everyone, so far so good. we had an early hit and run in the pleasanton area, with c.h.p. on the line saying it is still out there but out of lanes so it should not be causing too much delay. otherwise, overnight road work still in the lanes, eastbound from bay point to bailey in 5:00, a up cough lanes -- couple of lanes and before the caldecott tunnel there is traffic the lanes which blocked until 5:00 this morning. traffic is flowing nicely on the san mateo bridge. walnut creek southbound 680 the tail lights beyond north main,
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everyone is at the limits. >> thanks. our team coverage of the snap continues with abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield in san rafael. mike sees the lowest temperatures in san rafael. >> good morning, yes, very cold here in san rafael. we have picked this condition to keep an eye on at temperature gauge in san rafael. it shows it is 43 degrees. such a swing considering days ago i was warm outside. now it is cold. people got prepared. we had lots of warning this was coming. stores in the bay area told us people were stocking up on firewood. people are working to protect their plants. here is a good tip: water your plants during the cold. >> what do put in when it is not
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phrasen -- frozen will ahead eight -- radiate heat. >> orchard supply store had to stock up to get ready for this weather. now it is here and do not forget to grab your gloves and a heavy coat this morning before you head out the door. it is very cold. >> thank you. no one is more intimately familiar with the goose butchess than those would work outside. those working at christmas in the pack have no choice but to bundle up. >> jacket. many layers. thermal. jacket. a second jacket inside. >> some families braved the chill and ice skated anyway. >> winter conditions brought a british blanket of snow to the high sierra.
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snow and temperatures were falling for much of yesterday in lake tahoe. 3" to 4" of snow fell open mountains with more to come this weekend and cold allowing for great snow making. more snow showers today, too, so chains are required on highway 50 into tahoe basin but no restrictions on interstate 80. snowboarders are bringing if their gear for teenups and the ski resort open are kevinly, kirkwood, mount rose, and other resorts will on the next two weekends. >> now is a great time to download the weather app that gives you new weather alert, life radar and hourly forecasts free at >> 40 sheriff deputies and volunteers will resume a search
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for a san jose family whose airplane disappeared in the idaho wilderness. the small plane took off from oregon headed for montana but the pilot, dale smith, reported problems over idaho. his daughter and her fiance and his son and his wife were all on board. he is a software pioneer who founded serial tek and an experienced pilot. >> he is a typical engineer, fix this or fix that. when he sold the other company he bought the airplane and he has been flying since. >> year, rescuers picked up a weak signal from the emergency locator radio which will narrow down the search. terrain is rugged and almost inaccessible. we will have more at the top hour. >> suspect accused of killing a young man if san francisco over a play station 4 console is scheduled to appear in court
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today. the man was shot on sunday afternoon, a student at santa monica college and home on thanksgiving day break. 9 play station 4 was sold online and went to get the money from the buyer but he refused to pay and we shot him. a 21 year oh was arrested on murder. the suspected gunman behind the shooting at los angeles international airport will appear in court this morning in southern california. officials say 23-year-old paul agent and wounded two federal officers in a vendetta against the federal government. >> a man that throw two cats in the san francisco bay is shown here and suspected taking two cats from the owner and throwing
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them into 9 bay last monday mere pier 4. here is a freeze frame of the man from the video taken near the hyatt on the embarcadero. we reported this store last week and a woman was carrying her to cats in a carrier. witnesses say the man grab the carrier and threw it in the water. both cats died. anyone with information is asked to contact the san francisco animal care and control. >> south san francisco police are searching for a man who told an iphone from a pregnant woman in a hospital over the weekend the it happen at kaiser permanente. the breathe woman was in a lobby when the man grabbed the phone from her hand and ran. he is 5' 8" tall with a medium build and light colored a hair.
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last seen sunday afternoon in the car with three males. she is considered at risk because she is so young. she is 5' 5" weighing 130 pounds and wearing a blue and green sweatshirt with "diamond" on it. >> there will an vote over approval if a contract for police officers ending a dispute. the union ratified the agreement yesterday calling for 10 percent restoring of pay cut that officers took in 2009. the union says low pay is a major reason dozens of veteran officers have left san jose for better paying jobs in redwood city, santa clara, and los gatos. >> do not have to tell you, stick your head outside you will find out what is going on. mike? >> it is cold. bring if your plants. we will see frosty cold
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temperatures tonight. radar satellite shows what we are talking about live doppler 7 hd showing no rain, no clouds, but moisture is out there and is limited with dry air cooling rather rapidly and cool more than the moisture. in the north bay, we still in the freeze warning until 9:00 this morning. if you have the pets inside and the plants inside, or plants covered, keep them there until 9:00. moving forward, through 9:00 tomorrow, everyone else even to the coast, the only exception is san francisco which is not in the freeze wanting. the temperatures are in the mid-to-upper 40's. the kay plane for the next 12 hours we are low-to-upper 30's until condition and hang around 50 until noon and then, 4:00, we will fall into the low-to-mid 40's by 7:00. you will need heavy coat dug the
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evening hours. now a check of the morning commute. >> good morning, everyone. the commute is light. we have overnight road work, mike mentioned the cold and we have chain requirements in take saw sierra on 50 and 88. we have a hit-and-run accident on the shoulder, northbound 680 but not causing aniedlies. c.h.p. is on the seen. it will be cleared in a moment. eastbound 580, we have road work in the lanes on the bridge until 6:00. and to oakland 880 from 16th to broadway, the left lanes are blocked until 5:00 this morning and outside, it is brick. traffic is very light headed to the toll plaza. in san rafael headed southbound, will state lights headed into central san rafael at the limit. >> thank you, next, anonymous tips changing lives, the sketch
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rouse tips last at bay area stunts. >> riding danger, a director push under way to protect the north by coast from the impact of climate change. >> technology on trial, a google glass wearer goes to court to fight a driving ticket and her case could chang
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>> covering walnut creek, burlingame and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> this is the bay bridge from the east side looking west to san francisco, it is cold. mike will talk about how were more the temperatures will dip. >> tapes of the 9-1-1 calls made during the san difficult hook shooting will be made public including seven calls made to
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police on december 14 which left 26 people dead including 20 children and the gunman. a judge upheld a ruling by the freedom of information commission to release the tapes last week. a state attorney is trying to block release to shield the we we families but has decided to not appeal. >> a judge in san jose will issue a warning in a $10 billion lawsuit with closing arguments between ten california cities and the paint industry held in september. local governments say that lead paint manufacturers deliberately sold hazardous product to the homes for generations and should clean up the mess. tones for the paint industry say lead paint in longer pose as let and that massive clean up efforts would would do more harm than government. >> marin county is getting cash to study wayed to protect homes and businesses to riding sea legals linked to global warming
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and getting $200,000 in state grants to society up the sea level response tomorrow. researches say climate change could cause the bay to rise by 3' the next century which could cut highway 37 and the tamalpais valley and parts of highway one underwater. the work will begin next year on the report and presented to officials in 2016. >> mystery diner is leashing -- leashing huge tips across the country including in san francisco. the kegs are signed "tips for jesus" and we speaking to a lucky waiter. >> the servers at the stack house if san francisco can get big tips on high end meals but never as meaty as this one, a $1,500 tip on a tab of under $500. it was signed "tips for jesus" with the waiter completioned by the money is andy.
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>> i was surprised, really happen, and i just bought a wedding band for my girl society helped. >> he took a picture of the mystery customers and one was celebrating a birthday that night and andy got $1,000 and coworkers split the rest. >> i am really happy. ought restaurant says the tip was legitimate the. >> we had that manager go by the table and clarify that it was we a correct amount and we were not reading it an, we thought it was $1 into and they clarified and said that is what we intended. >> they say you are not supposed to look a gift horse in the mouth but people are curious whether these are random acts or organized. 9 "tips for jesus" have popped up across the country with a heading "doing the lord pass work one tip at a time." at the taco delicious, there was
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a $1,000 tip. >> everyone is at a different level. if you can afford it and you want to be generous, that is great. >> identities, -- otherwise, 15 percent to 20 percent will do. >> is it the same person or a group of people banding together. >> no one knows. that is great. make the holidays one tip at a time. >> we have a big tip. the bundle up. >> yes, with heavy coats. mittens. ear muffs. you need them this morning and more so tomorrow. the big story? the next 48 hours is how cool it will be because of the clean polar air mass over the top of us and look at that visibility on live doppler 7 hd, unlimited this morning. we cooler in novato at 28 degrees. we dropped down to 30 in santa rosa and 31 in conquer, and 32
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in san ramon and close to forecast in fremont and napa at 34 and half moon bay is 32 degrees. 41 in san carlos and mountain view and 38 in san jose. beautiful picture from mount tamalpais and how clear the camera is and how easy it is to see for miles and miles from 2,600'. sunny and cool next two days. if you are sitting in your office or school or looking out, it is going to be cool. our cold of the night is tonight so more of us will have a freeze and everyone but california and check out the winter mix coming in on friday and saturday we could see snow mixing around 3,200' and it is possible on friday evening. today, we are mainly in the upper 40's to 50's and the warm
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spot is oakland at 53 degrees. san francisco is around 52 and san mateo and palo alto and fairfield at 51 and santa rosa and napa and san jose at 50. concord is 49. tonight the temperatures are in the mid-20's to low 30's inland valleys and the santa clara valley and fremont and palo alto at money and we will be in the mid-to-upper 50's for the bay shore. here is the polar plan in the cold air mass right now but look what happens tomorrow night the low develops and slights into the cold air and by saturday morning we will have scattered light rain through the morning and scattered light rain through noon and the snow level starts to drop down around 4:00 to 3,200' so be prepared. here is the seven-day forecast, when it passes on saturday afternoon temperatures are only in the mid-40's and mid-to-upper 40's with more sunshine on sunday and back to the 50's on
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monday and tuesday and winter is here. >> good morning, everyone, change is required on 50 and 8 and nothing on the safer i don't so there are snow flurries up there and we have an accident northbound 680 which is cleared. tow truck is on the scene but not seeing very much slow traffic. here we have a solo spinout eastbound 80 at highway 12 partly blocking a lane so you may expect delays and bart is run on time with no delays. a great way to go. outside in san jose, 280, northbound, a couple headlights beyond the 17 overcrossing making your way to cupertino and out, a beautiful look at the bay bridge where we have road work and you can see the blinking lights and caltran is there until 5:00 this morning on the westbound lanes picking that up.
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>> 4:49. this holiday season we are teaming up with local food banks. go to our phase book page and take the pledge "give where you live," we will donate a dollar in your on to the feeding america food banks up to $75,000. your good deed to be rewarded. everyone who takes the message is entered to win $7,000, this cash, and announced december 19th. spread the love and help us "give where you live." >> now potential limitations on people wearing the google glass. a woman is pleaded not guilty to a charge of distracted drying for wearing google glass. the woman is in the to be the first driver in the nation to be charmed for wearing the glass. the attorney says he will argue the computer eyewear was not actually on while she was driving. >> we have the laws that are trying to be applied to new
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technology when the laws were designed the technology did not exist and i lived thered is a chance the technology could be helping to solve problems. >> show was cited for speeding with the trial in january. >> adding fuel to the controversy offer how often women should get mammograms, the new advise released this morning doctors say could save lives. >> fit mom is at it but her target is in the bay area and people are fighting back. who the sacramento mom is upsetting with herrents which -- her comments about occur you have women. >> batkid is helping the bay area celebrate the holidays.
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we have a cold snap here but in minnesota, they have a winter
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storm wanting with 6" to 10" of snow expected. there is some on the ground. we should not complain. >> no complaining when you consider this story. >> aboard the express, which is on the holiday train at golden gate park showing a painted image of the have hero looking out the window with a thumb's up. the parks department selected batkid with the team. >> it was three weeks when he stole our hearts. miles scott is in remission from leukemia said he wished to be a have hero for a day and the make-a-wish foundation made it possible. >> we will find out what our weather looks like of the mike? >> we will talk about the area
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with rain if las vegas and mountain snow. if you are traveling today it should be okay and a few scattered snow showers but in the sierra, 26 in tahoe, low-to-mid 50's through the central valley and low-to-mid 60's in southern california with sun. we have snow in the sierra at 6" leave tomorrow so you are there on friday. >> we have change requirements on 50 and 88 but nothing on 80. we have an accident, a solo spinout but there is no slowing. the tow truck could be blocking the area. still on the scene, a motor home off to the shoulder with a hit-and-run accident and c.h.p. is in, northbound 680, not
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cleared yet so we are keep an eye on that and elsewhere, we have road work for a few more minutes eastbound 4, baypoint should pick up shortly to bailey and san mateo bridge is looking good with no delays to foster city and bay bridge, no delays, either, into san francisco with a little bit of road work westbound. >> a report fines women who are at risk of breast cancer increase their chance of early detection by getting yearly mammograms. a federal task force created the controversy in twin -- 2009 when they recommended mammograms every other year for those over 50. now a report found annual mammograms are the best way to go. researchers sayflect -- say frequent screenings help find more dangerous cancers early on. >> body-sized face off, a
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lingerie company is taking on the woman known as "fit mom" after making unflattering comments. the sacramento mother sparked accusations of fat shaming when they posted this photo and bashed an ad by curvy girl, saying encouraging overweight women to be proud of their bodies is strange mentality. >> i win she could be more accepting and do her thing and let us do our thing and all peacefully co-exist because everyone that she helps is beautiful and i think everyone we help is beautiful. >> you can hear from both women in the debate this only on "good morning america" which starts at 7:00 right here. next at 5:00, we have breaking news in san jose where flames gut a mobile home and we are on the scene with the latest on
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that search. >> the bay area is in the grip of bone chilling temperatures and mike nicco is tracking the big chill with what we can expect ahead. >> commuters, what the two biggest
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sleep number. comfort individualized. visit to find a sleep number store near you. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> thanks for joining us at 5:00 >> we are all in the chill this morning. more, now, from mike. >> the air is pretty dry. outside there was forecast on the car but not on the


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